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GenomOncology enables real-time clinical decision-making at the point-of-care for Molecular Pathologists, Clinical Oncologists and Cancer Informaticists in their research of cancer treatments and therapies for cancer patients.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of key investors who provide leadership through corporate governance and strategic support of our vision and overall strategy.


Our Executive

Our Executive Team is comprised of a mix of innovative, experienced, and scientific-minded leaders who have set the tone for GenomOncology's ambitious and driven culture.



Grow your career at GenomOncology. Together we develop software-based solutions for precision oncology that measurably improve patient outcomes. Want to impact the oncology space?


GenomOncology enables real-time clinical decision making at the point-of-care solutions for...

Molecular pathologists

These medical professionals address the full range of requirements for precision medicine and molecular genetics including...

  • Test validation and production support
  • An actionable report, with full traceability and oversight
  • Incorporating additional tests (e.g. FISH, CNV, IHC) to improve prognostic and therapeutic impact

Clinical Oncologists

These Healthcare providers provide accurate and efficient clinical decision support including...

  • Therapy recommendations based on guidelines
  • Clinical trial matching
  • Tumor board reviews
  • “Patients like mine” analysis

Solutions for cancer informatics that integrate genomics data and decision support functionality into existing IT infrastructures including...

  • Integration of genomic data into the EMR using standards based HL7 messages
  • API and user interface tools for analyzing and correlating biomarkers, treatments and outcomes
  • Oncology data warehouse for integrating clinical data, molecular data and curated knowledge

GenomOncology leverages its’ industry knowledge and intellectual property throughout our entire portfolio of solutions by...

  • Building our solutions around our Knowledge Management System (KMS) and its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Partnering with the My Cancer Genome (MCG) team at Vanderbilt to develop the KMS, while the MCG team is responsible for the content.  The “curation interface” of the KMS is used by the MCG team to create assertions from guidelines and the literature, backed by a full evidence model. GO has an exclusive commercial license to all MCG data.

The KMS “understands” where genes are on chromosomes, what exons make up a gene and how those exons make up transcripts, which proteins are coded for by the gene and its domains, and what role the protein plays in cellular pathways.  GO has built a powerful biomarker model on this framework.

The KMS also contains ontologies for diseases and therapies. Assertions (i.e. rules) added to the KMS leverage these ontologies so that rules can represent knowledge in the form used by oncologists.

The KMS is both a decision support tool and a big data tool.  Its APIs can be used to analyze a single case (e.g. Pathology Workbench, or Tumor Board) or thousands of cases.

GO Connect simplifies both the ordering and integration of results of molecular tests from multiple sources, including integration into the EMR.

In conclusion, GenomOncology provides a portfolio of solutions that support the research, discovery and identification of potential treatments and/or therapies for cancer patients with the hope of providing cancer patients a fighting chance as they battle their disease.

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