Case Studies

University of Nebraska Medical Center

GenomOncology’s Consult Service is an innovative application that allows a clinical team to collectively review a patient case and the associated recommendations.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) launched GenomOncology’s Pathology Workbench in 2015 to streamline their NGS reporting workflow and match patients to therapy and clinical trial recommendations. UNMC decided in 2017 that DNA sequence data, coupled with the pathologist’s interpretation, would significantly enhance cancer therapeutic decision-making if embedded in the Electronic Health Record as discrete data rather than just a PDF.

In 2018, UNMC partnered with GenomOncology to launch the first HL7 2.5 enabled discrete genomic results reporting. This reporting will feed the outputs of UNMC’s internal NGS panels directly, as discrete genomic variant data points, into their Nebraska Cares research database, and eventually, into their Electronic Health Record.

This process leverages GenomOncology’s GO Connect tooling, which acts as a “molecular hub,” receiving input variant information either from the GO Pathology Workbench or from third-party data sources - including Foundation Medicine’s XML-based format, *.vcf files, etc. - and transmitting the data to both the EHR and other data repositories. The HL7 message format is configurable, to meet each organization’s specific requirements. This solution provides rapid integration with any EHR using technologies currently available.

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