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My Cancer Genome

My Cancer Genome (MCG),, is a web-based cancer information tool developed by Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center investigators and supported by GenomOncology.

GenomOncology is the exclusive technology partner of My Cancer Genome (MCG) at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, TN. As their exclusive partner, GenomOncology provides the following solutions to the MCG Team: a Content Management System powering the MCG website ( and a updated My Cancer Genome 2.0 website.

My Cancer Genome 2.0

My Cancer Genome has launched a new clinical trial search tool ( which allows website visitors to search for cancer clinical trials based on disease, biomarker, phase and recruiting status. Website visitors also can preview the new My Cancer Genome homepage (

  • While the first version of MCG's clinical trial search vehicle permitted searching by gene, the new version permits search by specific genetic variant or other biomarkers. Trial documents are downloaded nightly from and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Clinical Trials Reporting Program's list of NCI-supported clinical trials. Trials then undergo automated and manual curation to ensure the highest quality data.
  • Manual curation, or the process of associating data with a specific clinical trial by a subject matter expert, is the gold standard for curating non-structured disease and biomarker data associated with cancer clinical trials. MCG is currently the only tool that both does this and also makes the manually curated results publicly available. Other types of data, such as trial phase and recruiting status, are structured in the trial documents and can be automatically curated for each clinical trial. The MCG search tool is designed specifically for cancer clinical trials with an interventional therapy or with biomarkers as part of eligibility requirements.
  • From the new My Cancer Genome Homepage, website visitors have two options to search curated clinical trials. The first is a free text search box on the homepage. The second is by clicking on the clinical trials button on the homepage. This links to the clinical trial list page. The clinical trial list page displays a set of clinical trial "cards" that contain the title of the trial, the identification number, the phase of the trial, and biomarkers and diseases associated with the trial.
  • Website visitors can select a set of filters on the left side of the page to choose a subset of clinical trials to display. These filters include recruiting status, phase, tumor types and biomarkers. The tumor types that can be selected are based on a customized disease terminology derived from the NCI thesaurus. Biomarker filters include both genes and specific genetic variants.
  • Each clinical trial card links to a specific clinical trial webpage and individual clinical trial pages display trial information including structured disease and biomarker eligibility criteria. In addition, the clinical trial document from is displayed.
  • To develop the clinical trial search tool, the MCG team worked with development partner and content licensee GenomOncology. Additional features and webpages for the next version of My Cancer Genome will continue to be rolled out in a series of releases as the next phase of the website is completed.

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