Case Studies


GenomOncology is partnering with Fulgent LLC to leverage the GO Knowledge Management System and API suite to drive a powerful clinical reporting infrastructure.

Fulgent will leverage the GO KMS as the logic engine driving their world-class NGS clinical reporting framework. The GO KMS enables precision medicine by allowing users to aggregate and analyze biomarker-based data within the context of a trusted data source library, that can easily be extended to include institution-specific interpretations. The KMS leverages both existing (FDA, NCCN, ASCO, MCG) and custom curated data sources, allowing users to analyze genomic variants within a ‘genomics-aware’ framework.

The GO KMS will integrate into Fulgent’s reporting system via the extensive GO KMS API Suite. A wide array of API endpoints allows both systems to interact with each other in a flexible, extensible manner, enabling GO’s proprietary Match algorithm to provide real-time recommendations back to the Fulgent reporting toolset. With extensibility identified as a key architecture objective, Fulgent’s infrastructure can take full advantage of the existing APIs while keeping an eye towards future integrations as both systems advance and evolve.

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