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Baylor Genetics has partnered with GenomOncology to build out a custom API suite that leverages the GO KMS to support Baylor’s extensive clinical testing product line.

For over 40 years, Baylor Genetics has been a global leader in genetic testing. Baylor’s current testing suite boasts of nearly 4,000 options covering a broad spectrum of germline and somatic genetic disorders. With the massive amount of data generated via Baylor’s pipeline and the disparate systems in-place to manage the delivery of various reporting solutions, Baylor needed a framework that can support its evolving testing solutions. Enter the GenomOncology Knowledge Management System (KMS).

Baylor Genetics has partnered with GenomOncology to leverage GO’s KMS as the engine supporting Baylor’s comprehensive testing menu. The GO KMS enables Precision Medicine programs by allowing users or legacy software applications to analyze and curate biomarker-based data via client-specified methods. At a more granular level, the GO KMS will be directly supporting Baylor’s Constitutional & Hereditary testing programs with tools that can annotate massive WES data files at lightning-fast speeds. Further, the Baylor Genetics team will be able to curate their own comprehensive datasets within the KMS data warehouse, thus maintaining an institution-specific knowledge base that can grow with a constantly evolving field.

To manage their Somatic Reporting processes, Baylor Genetics will utilize the GO Pathology Workbench (PWB) as a workflow tool to analyze NGS data, funneling information into a custom Baylor reporting tool. The PWB integrates seamlessly with the KMS leveraging its genomics-aware framework to support a diverse set of annotations, pathways, drugs, alterations, transcripts, and disease ontology, consolidated into easily digestible messages consumed by the Baylor reporting tool.

By harnessing the power of the GO KMS, Baylor is able to manage vast quantities of genomic data in a centralized location, offering a unique capability to meticulously control the content and quality of their testing knowledge sets.

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