"Omics" - EHR Integration

Integrate discrete genomic data into the EHR using standards-based HL7 messages to put critical information directly in the hands of physicians at the point-of-care.

As “-OMICS” data becomes more available through evolving technology, the need for that data to be integrated into an EHR so that it can be easily accessible and digestible for a clinical practitioner increases every day. GenomOncology has developed technology that ingests most forms of “-OMICS” data into discrete messages that can be integrated into an EHR.

In collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, GO Connect was developed to accept biomarker data in a variety of formats from a range of sources, including industry standard “vcf” files, Foundation Medicine XML files, and, of course, the GO Pathology Workbench file outputs. GO Connect uses services provided by the GO Knowledge Management System (KMS) to transform data into HL7, including adding additional annotations, providing filtering capabilities, etc.

The HL7 message format is configurable, to meet each organization’s specific requirements. This solution provides rapid integration with any EHR using technologies currently addressing a growing challenge in healthcare today: sending discrete, consumable information to a healthcare professional at exactly the point of need.

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