Next Generation


GenomOncology’s advanced platform addresses all of your needs in building a leading precision oncology program – from your molecular pathology lab to your point-of- care solutions.

Clinical Trial Enrollment

Cancer trials are getting more complex and identifying eligible patients has been increasingly challenging. GenomOncology’s clinical trial capabilities optimize patient identification to increase trial enrollments.
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"OMICS"-EHR Integration

Integrate discrete genomic data into the EHR using standards-based HL7 messages to put critical information directly in the hands of physicians at the point-of-care.
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Pathology Decision Support

GO tools integrate molecular and clinical information, providing pathologists and oncologists with powerful decision-support tools that enable treatment selection based on FDA, NCCN, ASCO, MCG guidelines, and patient identifiers. Our tools deliver support in real-time via a seamless and integrated platform.
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Oncology Decision Support

The “avalanche” of OMICS data is challenging for any oncologist. GenomOncology’s tools do the hard work to make precision medicine a reality for your patients so you don't have to.
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Validating the analytical performance of Next-Generation Sequencing assays is complex and time consuming. Speed up your time-to-launch with the GO Validation Toolkit.
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Cancer Informatics

Modern cancer treatments are difficult to design without big data and informatics. Utilize GenomOncology APIs and analytics tools to always be at the forefront of oncology.
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Tailored Solutions

University of Nebraska Medical Center

In 2018, GenomOncology collaborated with UNMC to develop a proprietary solution called GO Connect, a software that integrates with current EHRs by generating standard HL7 messages to describe somatic mutations.


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